9 Tips On How To Transition Your Skin Care Regimen Into the Fall/Winter Season

9 Tips On How To Transition Your Skin Care Regimen Into the Fall/Winter Season

Fall is upon us and we must act accordingly! When the weather gets colder, it affects our skin differently than in the hotter months, therefore we must treat it differently. The following tips will help you smoothly transition your routine so that you can maintain your flawless skin.

1. Humidifier

When it’s cold outside, most of us have heaters running in our homes. The air from the heater tends to dry the room out which can dry out your skin. Humidifiers prevent that. You can nicely priced ones at your nearest drug store or Walmart.

2. Heavier Moisturizer

If you tend to just use lotions or oils during the summer months, that might not be enough in the winter. For oily/normal/combination skin, you might need to upgrade to a cream or a butter like the Palinoi Silk Body Custard (cream) or the Ash Today, Gone Tomorrow Butter which are heavier that can combat outside elements. You can also add a Hyaluronic Acid Serum into your routine to ensure your skin is properly hydrated and follow it up with the Green Tea & Silk Moisturizer or the Cara Hermosa Butter to protect your face and neck area.

3. Exfoliation

Oh you thought that was just a summer thing? No ma’am and no sir! Exfoliation in the winter is just as important as in the summer. Exfoliation gets rid of your dead skin cells and allows moisturizers to penetrate your skin deeper. It is always best to immediately moisturize after you exfoliate to retain as much moisture as possible. In the colder months, it is better to use exfoliants that moisturize as it exfoliates like the Lactic Acid Body Serum and the Lactic Acid Face Serum.

4. Take Shorter Shorter and Cooler Showers

Yes, we women LOVE showering in hot water but in the colder months, that works against us. The hot water strips us of the natural oils in our skin and can cause our skin to be dehydrated when we go outside. So turn the heat down a notch and speed up your showering routine to protect your skin from losing excess moisture. Also, using soaps with goat milk or Shea butter in it like the Lavender Lemon Goat’s Milk Soap or the Oats Galore Soap are a great way to moisturize your skin while you cleanse.

5. Sunscreen

The sun doesn’t go on vacation in the winter. You still need to protect your skin from its rays whenever you’re outside. If you live in an area that snows, you DEFINITELY need to wear sunscreen because snow reflects 80% of the sun’s light. Try to use moisturizers with built in sunscreens like the Cara Hermosa Butter w/ SPF 30+ protection.

6. Hydrate & Proper Eating Habits.

Look at it this way, the same way you want to moisturize your outside, you should want to moisturize your insides too. Drinking lots of water and green tea which adds a boost of antioxidants gives your skin the best chance of looking its best during the winter months.

What you eat or don’t eat can affect your skin greatly. Load up on vegetables and healthy fats to keep your nutrients high.

7. Lip Care

Your lips are naturally moist, and because of that when exposed to harsh elements, they are way more susceptible to damage. Exfoliate your lips with the Luxe Lip Scrub and moisturize it with the Luxe Lip Balm to keep your lips healthy and happy.

8. Hand Care

Keep your hands “gloved up” in the cold weather to protect them from drying out. Chapped hands can lead to bigger issues like infections so to prevent that, moisturizing and gloves up until spring comes is a life saver.

9. Skin Repair

The winter months is a great time to repair sun damage from the summer months. And as you nourish your body from the inside, it helps to nourish your body on the outside too. A vitamin C serum is a great way to do that and is best to apply before applying your normal moisturizers. A great suggestion is to buy The Ordinary's 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder that you can pair with our Hyaluronic Acid Serum so you can get a powerful combo of hydration and vitamin C.

How do you prepare your skin for the cold weather? Feel free to share any other tips you might have!

To assist in your fall/winter regimen preparation, below is a discount towards the products in this blog (minus The Ordinary product, I have no affiliation with them). Enjoy!

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